HortBase - Production Management

The production module is a comprehensive production planning and tracking system which has been specifically designed for plant production nurseries.

Sales plans can be prepared which give each variety of plant required for sale in particular months for one or more years ahead with projected monthly sales figures in dollars and units.

Once the sales plan has been finalised, production schedules are generated using expected plant yields and growth rates that will ensure that plants will be available to meet the sales plan.

Work schedules can be printed for propagation, growing-on and potting stages for use by your production staff. Actual production results are then recorded and entered back into the system. This enables production to be closely monitored by comparing the actual number of plants produced at the end of each stage with the number of plants required to meet the production plan.

As plants become saleable the stock on hand levels are automatically updated in the Inventory module.

Sales and purchase information for each product is summarised for each month of the year for long term storage and reference. While other systems often limit historical information to the previous one or two years, HortBase will maintain records for as many years as you like. This information can be used to anticipate sales trends so that you can plan your production and order requirements for next season. Standard reports available include Sales Analysis, Stock Available, Stock Valuation and Stock Status.

Integrated solutions for...

  • Production Management
  • Eco-Source Control
  • Inventory
  • Plant Labelling
  • Web Updating
  • Sales Orders / Indents
  • Point of Sale
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger