HortBase - An Overview

Inventory Management

  • Utilises easy to remember coding systems based on the botanical name of plants. 
  • Has a flexible and easy to use plant labeling system. 
  • Ability to produce trade and price lists, catalogues and order forms. 
  • Horticultural Database
  • Stores botanical and common names along with descriptive information.
  • Uses a Query-by-Form facility to quickly retrieve information based on any word or words in the ame or description.


  • Tracks production of plants from planning to saleable stock.
  • Preparation of sales plans with projected monthly sales figures in dollars and units.
  • Generation of production schedules for propagation, growing-on and potting stages.
  • Monitoring of production by comparing actual plants produced with the number of plants required to meet the production plan.
  • Calculation of material requirements for each production stage and budgeting of available space.


  • Provides a method of accurately predicting the cost of growing plants.
  • Assists growers in answering the question, do you cover costs and make a profit from plants sold?

Sales Orders / Invoicing

  • Manages the filling and dispatch of customer orders and facilitates tracking of forward and back orders.
  • Picking slips can be printed for orders to be assembled by dispatch staff.
  • Confirmation slips can be printed for confirmed orders.  Plant labels and packing slips can be included with dispatched goods.
  • Invoices can be printed at any time (not necessarily as goods are dispatched) and reprinted on demand.

Purchase Orders

  • Manages ordering and receipt of purchases.
  • Prints purchase orders and reports on current status of unfilled or partly filled orders.


  • Monitors customer current balances and maintains information on overdue accounts.
  • Produces invoices, statements and mailing labels.


  • Maintains an accurate picture of current expenses enabling you to make the most of your resources.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of purchases.


  • Accurately track your cash flow and control your finances.
  • Produce a detailed breakdown of income and expenditure and generate GST returns.
  • On screen bank reconciliation facility allows you to easily reconcile your accounts.
  • Budgeted figures for income and expenditure can be compared with actual monthly income and expenditure.

Point Of Sale

  • Replaces cash register equipment at the counter and updates stock on hand levels as goods are sold.
  • Supports customer accounts and barcode scanning.

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Integrated solutions for...

  • Production Management
  • Eco-Source Control
  • Inventory
  • Plant Labelling
  • Web Updating
  • Sales Orders / Indents
  • Point of Sale
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger