HortBase - Inventory Management

The heart of the HortBase system is based on a fully featured and flexible Inventory Management module. It incorporates an inventory coding system for plants based on contractions of botanical names. For example, Jasminium polyanthum can be assigned the code JAS POL which is much easier to remember than the numeric code required by some systems.

The inventory system allows stock takes, discrepancies, sales, purchases and other inventory transactions to be recorded. It maintains up to date information for you on inventory levels, stock locations and current costs.

Information on customer forward and back orders, stock availability, current sales and purchases is maintained in a centralised Stock Status file. With this information available, you can plan future purchasing and production requirements.

Horticultural Database

As well as being used for inventory management, the system also doubles as a botanical information store. Specify an inventory code previously saved and have immediate access to information that includes the full botanical name, common name, plant description, growth habits and recommended growing conditions. There is also room to include any additional notes you wish to keep on each plant.


Integrated solutions for...

  • Production Management
  • Eco-Source Control
  • Inventory
  • Plant Labelling
  • Web Updating
  • Sales Orders / Indents
  • Point of Sale
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger