HortBase - Creditors

The Creditors module is used to maintain a record of creditor balances and when payments are due. With this information you have an accurate picture of your liabilities and current expenses. Expenses can be analysed by expense code, supplier, inventory code and inventory group.

Standard reports include Aged Trail Balance, Transaction Audit Trail, GST Summary and Purchase Analysis.

Purchase Orders

For businesses that purchase goods in volume, the Purchase Order module provides the facility of managing purchase orders from the time orders are sent, through receipt and final costing of the purchases.

Purchase requirements are entered and a purchase order is then generated. The Inventory module is then advised of the anticipated purchase. When the goods are received, the price is confirmed and the goods are receipted into the inventory.


Integrated solutions for...

  • Production Management
  • Eco-Source Control
  • Inventory
  • Plant Labelling
  • Web Updating
  • Sales Orders / Indents
  • Point of Sale
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger